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Leading products from ATC are found in applications that require automation, timers, and counters. Our reliable, customizable solutions maximize operational efficiency and are engineered to provide accurate and repeatable timing and monitoring operations in all types of industrial environments.

For vacuum sealing and gluing applications, load counting, wrapping, and more, timers and counters from ATC keep packaging lines operating smoothly and efficiently. These can include on-delay, interval or repeat cycle timers and PID controllers. Applications include actuating heat sealers or glue applicators, where each package is held for a proper interval or centered for hours of runtime, as well as counters that load each package with the correct amount of product. Timers and counters for packaging equipment maintain profitable operations. The 385A Timer Counter with Memory can delay content so a box is wrapped, glued and sent down the conveyor before another package is summoned.

PIDs for plastic injection are vital to creating quality products. Because extruders have a number of temperature zones, ATC PID controllers manage the temperature in each zone as the extrusion is being formed, creating a cohesive and lasting product. These same PIDs maintain temperature to prevent hardened polymers that can cause blockages. ATC PIDs for heat/cool applications are used to control cooling fans at the end of the cycle, if required.

ATC timers, counters, and temperature controllers are featured widely throughout the food and beverage industry. Interval timers for food and beverage industries ensure accurate bake times for industrial ovens. Other devices are used for beverage level detection and pumping, precise dosing, and for taking precise counts of bottles and cans. The 653 Series Multi-Function Multi- Range Solid State Timer features a pushbutton membrane that deters water ingress during washdown and helps keep out other debris under typical operations.

For virtually any type of material in any kind of manufacturing plant, ATC makes the monitoring equipment for material handling. Production lines rely on precision for conveyor belt sequencing, diversified lines, start time and stop time, and counting and batching. Whether your business is making lawnmower parts or stamping metal, ATC has the temperature controls and timers you need. On-delay timers sequence conveyor belts after the start switch has been initiated while control relay seals-in circuit.

Turn to ATC for process controls for water and wastewater pumps that help reduce maintenance costs and maximize operational efficiencies. Timer and process controls are found throughout water and wastewater applications, including repeat cycle timers for water drain fields in industrial and residential applications. In on-delay applications, ATC timers prevent contact chatter of the float switch. Available for monitoring either one pump or two, our SPM Series for submersible pumps can monitor for both seal failure and temperature. We also lead in process controls for medical facilities, particularly in concert with triplex alternators to control air supply pressure and flow.

Switchgear controls are a vital part of maintaining safety during maintenance operations, allowing personnel to control heavy power going to motors and other electrical devices. ATC timers and controls offer protection in the form of basic SAL phase loss, SAU, frequency shift, overvoltage, as well as undervoltage phase loss and phase reversal. Products include timers, non-delay timers, and relays.

Keep processing industries running smoothly and efficiently with timers from ATC. Diverse units can be programmed for different processes and delay or interval modes, including stop/start equipment, timed injections, automatic starts on industrial mixers, conveyor controls, general sequencing, and stop action at the end of a production line. Choose from a wide array of analog timers for heavy industrial applications and digital timers for high-precision environments requiring set point display.

ATC offers timers and controls for metal forming covering all aspects of the plant. This includes conveyor systems, sheet rolls, cutting, stamping, and more. On-delay and off-delay controls are available, as well as interval timers. Create efficiencies, increase productivity, and optimize energy use through automation and process control of critical metal forming applications.

Off-delay timers enable UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems and emergency generators as backup power supplies. ATC designs timers for the most rugged industrial environments, with exceptional electrical noise immunity, and excellent setting and repeat accuracy. The 417B Series 1/16 DIN True Off-Delay Timer begins when power is removed from the unit, unlike other offdelay timers that act when power is still on but the control switch has been activated. This true off-delay capability enhances safety and easily covers the timing ranges typically required of most applications.