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ATC Diversified Electronics offers a broad range of devices for automation, motor protection, improving electrical safety, and enhancing power quality. Leading technologies keep pace with the needs of an evolving industrial marketplace.

Motors and pumps are costly capital expenditures that require strict regulation of power input to maximize life cycle. Due to their tendency to keep running regardless of the voltage applied, improper voltage can rapidly shorten service life. Protecting against phase loss, undervoltage, phase reversal, and more is needed to avoid unscheduled downtime. Phase motors (ARA, ARB, SLA, and SLU Series) and alternating relays (ARM Series) are popular products to preserve motors and pumps in applications as varied as production lines, water and wastewater, oil and gas, air handlers, lift stations, conveyors and belt drives, elevator drives, and even maintaining temperature in computer data centers. Alternating relays will cycle between multiple pumps to extend life, and also can monitor seals to protect against leakage in submersible pumps that lack easy access. All these process controls aid in maintenance planning.

Large industrial and medical settings require multiple HVAC units and compressors to maintain operations. A mix of phase monitors, compressor protectors, time delays, and relays are needed to handle multiple loads, monitor overvoltage and undervoltage conditions, and alternate between sources to extend life. AC Series Timers, on delay and off delay timers, and relays protect expensive equipment, help prevent failures due to overpressure via short cycle protection by locking out the compressor for a period of time after a voltage or thermostat interruption and, particularly in medical settings, help preserve the integrity of mission critical components.

In addition to municipal water and wastewater operations, other applications that need seal and leak detection, voltage monitoring, three phase monitoring, and other controls for water and wastewater include pump control, car washes, irrigation, beverage filling, and lift stations. With submersible pumps found in many of these applications, it becomes necessary to have onboard systems for detecting seal failure. Our SPM Series contains a range of options for seal monitoring. It is also necessary in water and wastewater applications to monitor temperature to help protect against ignition and even explosion. The AEA SPM is ideal in these situations, as it is able to monitor for both seal failure and temperature in a single product.

For electrical contractors, safety is ingrained into every aspect of the job. In a line of work where hazards are invisible and unforgiving, it has to be. Providing electrical maintenance personnel easily readable information about the presence (or non-presence) of voltage improves safety while enhancing productivity. ATC engineers developed and patented the Universal Power Alert (UPA), a series of visual power alerts for motor control centers, electrical panels, and isolated power indication. These permanently installed devices use LEDs to indicate when voltage is present. When LEDs are illuminated, voltage is present. If the lights are out, proceed with confidence and safety. It’s that easy.

The UPA Series is the original name in electrical safety.